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The Selling Process (With Health Advisories)


1. Meet with an agent and go over their marketing plan to get your home sold. To be consistent with current health advisories this meeting and all or most future meetings can be held over zoom or on the phone. If it feels like a fit and you believe your agent is the best candidate for selling your home, you can enter into an agency agreement.​


2. Next you and your agent will decide on a listing price. This is a crucial step because listing your house too low, won’t allow you to retrieve the full equity you’ve built in your home, however listing your house to high can cause your house to sit on the market far too long, to the point where it can actually create the negative indication that there might be something ‘wrong’ with your home and that’s why it hasn’t sold.


3. Put your house on the market and begin holding it open once a week or however often you and your real estate agent agree upon. Current methods of holding a house open manifest as a virtual open house live streamed over Facebook and Instagram and saved and posted. Also a virtual tour will be taken and uploaded on all marketing platforms. 


4. Next your home will be shown. If buyer would like to see the home in person, a showing will be held, but not prior to the agent preparing the home in a way where no door handles, light switches, or cabinets need be touched. Gloves and masks will be worn during the showing and any surfaces potentially touched will be wiped down.​


5.  Next step is to review offers. Your agent will negotiate on your behalf and once you enter into formal agreement, all documents and disclosures will be viewed and signed online. 


6. An inspection will either be paid for by the you or the buyer and will reveal any defects or damages the buyer will want to know about before purchasing your home. This may trigger contingencies for items the buyer wishes you to fix before close, or a slight deduction to the selling price. 


7. We then get to an appraisal. Appraisers are employed by the buyer’s lender although they are payed for by the buyer and an appraisal is key to the buyers’ ability to secure a loan from their lender. Going beyond an inspection, an appraisal will give the full evaluation of your home leading to the actual price your home is worth. 

8.Finally we arrive at the close! All the paperwork associated with closing can be viewed and signed online. Congratulations on selling your home and helping someone purchase their new Lifestyle Property!​​

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