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Top Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers



  We’ve seen showings and even open houses take place virtually. Open houses are done by agents in the form of live Facebook or Instagram streams then saved and posted for anyone who can’t make the time. When it comes to working with clients, we have had no trouble communicating almost exclusively over zoom or over the phone. Although we miss engaging with our clients in person, a face to face zoom call still allows us to connect and really absorb all our customers wants and needs. Inspections or in-person showings are conducted with minimal persons present and always with the necessary gear to protect our bodies and disinfect all surfaces we encounter. At the closing all contracts involved with offers, disclosures and right through to the final closing can be viewed and signed online. The most important thing right now is to stay home, and that’s why we’re here; to help clients find that home. 




  I have been trained to do virtual tours using a platform called Matterport. It takes 360 degree scans throughout the house and is able to stitch all the scans together to make a very accurate floor plan. Viewers can actually measure out the dimensions in rooms or closets to know exactly how much space the house offers. Viewers can move through the house exploring room by room on their own time and can even take a little peak outside. This, combined with the neighborhood updates and statistics our KW Consumer App provides, buyers can get a very comprehensive feel for the home and the area. Our KW App also allows someone to see the walkability rating for the area as well as transportation distances to all their daily frequented places. 

The Virtual Tours are really a great way to keep both our buyers and sellers safe and comfortable during these more uncertain times, and really let them know that although everything has shifted, we are shifting along with it to keep being able to support our friends, family and communities with their real estate needs. 

What are the precautions you take when working with buyers and sellers during these COVID-19 times?

How will you be exposing my property to potential buyers without holding an open house every weekend or showing it frequently?

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