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Making Santa Fe Your Home.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

From what I was told since the first day I arrived, Santa Fe is the kind of place you drive through, get a flat tire, then stay for the rest of your life. This could not have been more true as my own Santa Fe origin story involved car trouble, an unexpected extended stay, a series of auspicious events, finally followed by an intense love for everything Santa Fe and the decision that I wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. This may not be everyone's experience coming to Santa Fe, in fact it would probably make Santa Fe the Bermuda Triangle of the United States if everyone who drove through experienced a car malfunction. However, I think most visitors can relate to the enchantment they feel upon arriving here and although most can revel in the city and then move on, some of us, can't shake the spell.

Let's be honest, Santa Fe might not be the place for you. It is not true, as in most cities, that if you drive long enough, statistically you will encounter all of your needs. There are about three streets in Santa Fe that guarantee, banks, fast food, grocery stores, auto shops, strip malls, and everything you'd need out of a city. If not, you will not be met with all your city needs, you will encounter old adobe buildings, a humble sculpture in a field, a string of galleries, a local brewery, or you might possibly even find yourself weaving straight into the mountains.

If you are not already familiar with Santa Fe's reputation, allow me to brush up on some of her well-known qualities, before I dive back into her deeper charm. The hospitality scene is unbeatable with a surplus of incredible dining experiences, wine-tasting, opera and everything you'd want out of a vacation stay. The beauty is dizzying, with the rich culture reflected in the buildings, colors, and art you see as you wander through ancient downtown. The galleries are numerous, each more splendid than the last, and a short drive in any direction will bring you into the view of Santa Fe's glorious mountains and distant plateaus between which lies vast expanses of exotic desert.

To me, Santa Fe is a city of friendly faces. Every time I pull out of Smith's grocery I hand the same homeless man giving me his charming toothy grin a couple dollars as he hangs out on the median in front of the traffic lights. I shop weekly at our thriving local famers market set right in the railyard to live music and children laughing. I know most of the vendors, and they smile every time they see me. I encounter a kind stranger holding the door open for me on a daily basis and in return, I try to be that kind stranger that urges you in line before me when your little one is getting impatient. Are we really strangers anymore?

This is my first introductory to Santa Fe. I hope to post on a wide variety of topics, from Santa Fe Resources, to Lifestyle, to Market updates, and please reach out if there's any topic or questions you would like to see addressed here on my Santa Fe Lifestyle Blog!

All the best, Jasmine Sage

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