The Buying Process (Including Health Advisories

1. Choose a real estate professional with whom you feel comfortable.


2. Discuss your investment and lifestyle requirements.


3. Discuss what money can buy here and start the process of determining what good value is.


4. Get Pre-Approved. Why should you get pre-approved? Simple – to determine what you can comfortably afford. It also allows us to move quickly when we find the right house.


5. Look at everything that fits within your guidelines and budget. During current circumstances this includes exploring virtual tour of homes and tuning in to live open houses. 


6. Of your favorites, we can do an in-person showing, of course involving face masks and gloves for the peace-of-mind for everyone involved. 


7. List all the pros and cons of each to help determine the best property for you.


8. Make an offer on what you feel is a fair market price for the best property.


9. When an offer gets excepted we enter into contract.


10. Our next step is to get a home inspection. This discloses vital information about a home and is a must before finalizing your purchase.


11. Home insurance is very important for protecting your new home and belongings from accidental damages. Make sure you insure your home with a plan that fits.


12. Secure a home warranty to maintain the essential, major systems and appliances that can be costly to repair out of pocket.


13. The final step is to gather the required documents, sign the paperwork, and hire a mover. Congratulations, you are the proud owner of your Lifestyle Property!